Ruby Braff [音楽]

Braff/Barnes Quartet Salutes Rodgers And Hart Album


1.Mountain Greenery 2:53
2.Isn't It Romantic 2:12

3.Blue Room 2:44
4.Small Hotel 4:19

5.Thou Swell 2:59
Ellis Larkins and Ruby Braff, "Thou Swell"

6.I Wish I Were In Love Again 2:07
7.Lover 3:53
8.You Took Advantage Of Me 4:20
Ruby Braff-Ellis Larkins "You Took Advantage of me"

9.Spring Is Here 2:37

10.The Lady Is A Tramp 3:08


Musician ? George Barnes, Michael Moore, Ruby Braff, Wayne Wright
Producer ? Carl E. Jefferson
Engineer ? Richard Blakin*
Mastered By ? Al Brown
Design ? Richard Cross
Liner Notes ? John S. Wilson

Ruby Braff, "Indian Summer"

Liza-Braff Barnes 1974

They can't take that away - Ruby Braff and George Barnes in Berlin 1974

Ruby Braff Trio-Mean To Me

Summertime Braff-Barnes. 1975

Ruby Braff George Barnes Quartet

Ruby Braff Sextet - Treat Me Rough

Ruby Braff with Hanks Jones - But Not for Me

The George Barnes Sextet - Lover, Come Back to Me

George Barnes - Why Was I Born - 1977

George Barnes - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Ruby Braff

George Barnes [スペード] Plays So Good [スペード] (1977 Full Album - LP HQ audio) 35:50

Ruby Braff & George Barnes [スペード] Play Rodgers & Hart (1975 Full Album - LP HQ audio) 30:52

George Van Eps - My Guitar 1966 (FULL ALBUM) 38:46

Ruby Braff "Blowing Around The World" 1959 FULL ALBUM Jazz LP 42:02

George Barnes "Guitar In Velvet" 1957 Space Age Pop, Jazz LP 29:50

Ruby Braff.jpg
Ruby Braff


Les Paul [音楽]

Les Paul Now! Album


1.How High The Moon

2.Bye Bye Blues

3.The System

5.I Really Don't Want To Know

6.Tennessee Waltz


8.Little Rock Getaway



11.Los Angeles
12.Lady Of Spain

13.Golden Earrings

Les Paul & Mary Ford: Alabamy Bound /Darktown Strutters Ball

Les Paul & Mary Ford - Big Eyed Girl / I'm Sitting on Top of the World(1958)

Les Paul & Mary Ford - In The Good Old Summertime - Steel Guitar Rag

Les PAUL & Mary FORD " Song In Blue " !!!

Les Paul & Mary Ford- Live Medley

"Vaya con Dios" Les Paul and Mary Ford

Les Paul & Mary Ford Absolutely Live

Les Paul & Chet Atkins 1978-07-05 NYC NBC Today Show Pt1

Les Paul live

The Les Paul Story

Les Paul

Mary Ford & Les Paul - Double Best Of (Full Album / Album complet)

Les Paul.jpg


Ramse Lewis [音楽]

The Best Of Ramsey Lewis Album


1.Julia 2:52

2.Hang On Sloopy 2:40

3.Les Fleur 3:00

4.Wade In The Water 3:46

5.Return To Paradise 2:56
6.Jade East 3:25

7.Dancing On The Streets 2:50

8.The In Crowd 2:58

9.Theme From The Pawnbroker 2:25
10.Up Tight 2:55

11.Maiden Voyage 4:45

12.Function At The Junction 3:04

13.Soul Man 2:50

You Are The Reason / Ramsey Lewis Quartet

Ramsey Lewis - That's The Way Of The World

Ramsey Lewis - Slippin' Into Darkness

Ramsey Lewis - Everybody's Groove

Ramsey Lewis - Julia

amsey Lewis Quartet - Sun Goddess live

Ramsey Lewis - Love Song

Ramsey Lewis- I Dig You

Ramsey Lewis - Something About You

Ramsey Lewis - Juaacklyn

Ramsey Lewis - Close your eyes and remember

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Wade In The Water - MY FAVOURITE DANCE INSTRUMENTAL

Ramsey Lewis - Summer Breeze

Ramsey Lewis - Spring High

Ramsey Lewis "Brazilica"
Ramsey Lewis - Brazilica - LIVE HD

Ramsey Lewis - After The Rain

Ramsey Lewis - Love Notes

Ramsey Lewis Trio - The In Crowd - Full 1965 Vinyl Album 33:29

Ramsey Lewis - Funky Serenity 1972 (Full Album) 49:25


Ramsey Lewis - Legacy: Toccata/Adagio/Fugue 22:51

Ramsey Lewis & His Electric Band - Jazz San Javier 2011 1:19:10 live

Ramse Lewis.jpg


Cal Tjader [音楽]

Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader - Black Orchid

Cal Tjader - Aquarius

cal tjader - shoshana

Cal tjader - nica's dream

Cal Tjader - What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life

Cal Tjader - Django

A Night In Tunisia (Cal Tjader)

cal tjader - i showed them


Get Out of my Way - Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader - Cuban Fantasy

Cal Tjader - Tumbao

Cal Tjader - "Aleluya" live

Cal Tjader Quintet with Mongo Santamaria - Afro Blue


Cal Tjader - Demasiado Caliente - Mamblues

Cal Tjader - Black Orpheus Medley And Theme 16:25

Cal Tjader - Amazonas (full album) 38:56

Cal Tjader - Latin Kick (1958) Full vinyl LP 41:04

Cal Tjader - Fried Bananas 56:32

Cal Tjader - Breeze From The East Lp 1964 31:34

Cal Tjader - Cal Plugged In FULL ALBUM FREE DOWNLOAD 34:58

Cal Tjader Puttin It Together LP 45:33

Cal Tjader - Grace Cathedral Concert (1976) 44:12

CAL TJADER: La Onda Va Bien / Gozame! Pero Ya...(Álbumes completos)

Cal Tjader


Miklós Rózsa [音楽]

Miklós Rózsa

Green Berets Original Soundtrack Written By Miklós Rózsa

"Ben Hur" 1959 Overture HQ
1959 Ben-Hur theme performed live by the John Wilson Orchestra - 2013 BBC Proms
Fanfares - The Chariot Procession (Ben Hur)
Ben Hur. Marcha de la Entrada Triunfal en Roma de Quinto Arrio.
BEN HUR - The Rowing of the Galley Slaves - Miklos Rozsa
Love Theme from "Ben-Hur" (1959) - Miklos Rozsa
Miklos Rozsa - Marcha Romana (entrada de messala)

Quo Vadis - Ave Caesar March - Miklos Rozsa - Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops

King of Kings (1961) - Prelude - Miklos Rozsa

Musique du film Le Cid par Miklos Rozsa.
El Cid Original Soundtrack 02 Prelude

"Spellbound" Concerto - Miklos Rozsa (1907 - 1995)

Ivanhoe | Soundtrack Suite (Miklós Rózsa)

The Thief of Bagdad OST - Disc 1 - 05. Eternal Love - Miklós Rózsa

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) - Suite - Miklos Rozsa

Overture & Praeludium ("Julius Caesar") / Miklós Rózsa (Soundtrack)

Miklos Rozsa - Valse crépusculaire (Providence)

Knights of the Round Table (1953) - Suite - Miklos Rozsa

Miklós Rózsa- [The Lost Weekend]

Miklós Rózsa- [ Lust for Life ]

"Plymouth Adventure" - The Mayflower (Symphonic Picture) - Miklos Rozsa

Five Graves to Cairo (1943) - Suite - Miklos Rozsa

Miklós Rózsa - Greatest Hits

Miklós Rózsa

Miklós Rózsa - A Rósza Program (... And More Bears) [Full Album] 42:28

Miklós Rózsa.jpg


Richard Barbary [音楽]

Soul Machine Album


1.Poor Side Of Town 3:20

2.What's Your Name 2:15
3.Nature Boy 2:15

4.Call On Me 2:35
5.I Know Love 3:15
6.Teach Me (Willing To Learn) 2:30
7.Please Stay 2:50
8.There Was Never, Ever, Anyone But You 2:35
9.Like You, Babe 2:15
10.Let The Music Play 3:40
11.Nothin' In This World 2:50


Mastered By – Van Gelder*

Richard Barbary - When Johnny Comes Marching Home


Richard Barbary.jpg


Joanie Sommers [音楽]

Johnny Get Angry Album


1.Johnny Get Angry tv

2.A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

3.The Piano Boy

4.I Don't Want To Walk Without You

5.Mean To Me

6.Shake Hands With A Fool

7.One Boy

8.Since Randy Moved Away

9.Theme From A Summer Place

10.Seems Like Long, Long Ago

11.Little Girl Blue

12.I Need Your Love

Joanie Sommers - Don't Pity Me

Joanie Sommers - Before and After

Joanie Sommers - I'm Telling You Now (Hullabaloo - May 11, 1965)

Joanie Sommers "Them There Eyes"

Joanie Sommers - Why Try To Change Me Now

Joanie Sommers & the Ski Lodge Dancers - 1967

Joanie Sommers - I'll Never Stop Loving You

Jack Jones & Joanie Sommers sing "Call Me"

Joanie Sommers with Laurindo Almeida - Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)

Girl Talk - Joanie Sommers

Heart and Soul - Joanie Sommers

Watch What Happens - Joanie Sommers

Joanie Sommers - Why Try To Change Me Now

Joanie Sommers ~ That's All

Joanie Sommers - Carnival (by EarpJohn)

Joanie Sommers

Joanie Sommers - Howard Roberts - Savings Bonds #42 24:35

Hollywood Palace 3-04 Joan Crawford (host), Jack Jones, Joanie Sommers, Allen & Rossi 58:57

Joanie Sommers - 'Round Midnight (Full Album) 1:09:55

Joanie Sommers.jpg
Joanie Sommers


Shampoo [音楽]

We Are Shampoo Album


1.Trouble 3:21 mv mv2.

2.Delicious 3:00 mv
Shampoo Delicious The Word 1995 live

3.Viva La Megababes 3:35 mv

4.Dirty Old Love Song 3:53

5.Skinny White Thing 3:08

6.Glimmer Globe 2:45

7.Shiny Black Taxi Cab 3:31

8.Me Hostage 3:00

9.Game Boy 4:05

10.House Of Love 3:29

11.Shampoo You 2:43 mv

12.Saddo 2:25


Producer – Con*

Shampoo - Girl Power

Shampoo - Don't call me babe

Shampoo - I Know What Boys Like

war paint by shampoo

Shampoo - Shampoo's Cupboard




Gene Pitney [音楽]

The Best Of Gene Pitney Album


1.Town Without Pity
Written-By – Tionkin*, Washington*

2.The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Written-By – Bacharah/David*

3.Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
Written-By – Bacharah/David* live

Written-By – Gluck*, Nader*

5.I'm Gonna Be Strong
Written-By – Mann/Weil*

6.It Hurts To Be In Love
Written-By – Miller*, Greenfield* live

7.I Must Be Seeing Things
Written-By – Kooper*, Brass*, Levine*

8.Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love
Written-By – Mann/Weil*

9.Just One Smile
Written-By – Newman*

10.Nobody Needs Your Love
Written-By – Newman*

Written-By – Anisfield*, Denson*

12.Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Written-By – Cook*, Greenaway*

13.Somewhere In The Country
Written-By – Tobin*, Cymbal* live

14.(In The) Cold Light Of Day
Written-By – Weiss*, English*

15.Yours Until Tomorrow
Written-By – Goffin/King*

16.Maria Elena
Written-By – Hazzard*

Gene Pitney - Louisiana Mama (HQ)

Gene Pitney - If I Never Get To Love You

Gene Pitney - Every Breath I Take

What happened to GENE PITNEY?

Gene Pitney

Gene Pitney (Platinum Collection) 1:16:38

Gene Pitney Concert 2000 1:03:31 live

Gene Pitney.jpg


Charles Aznavour [音楽]

The Best Of Charles Aznavour Album



2.Take Me Away

3.What Makes A Man live

4.You've Let Yourself Go

5.La Boheme live

6.Yesterday When I Was Young live

7.The Old Fashioned Way

8.There Is A Time

9.How Sad Venice Can Be

10.Happy Anniversaire

11.Like Roses

12.Isabelle live

Charles Aznavour - Hier encore

Charles Aznavour Et pourtant

"Emmenez-moi" Charles AZNAVOUR

Charles Aznavour

The Best of Charles Aznavour - Full album 1:51:36

La meilleure chanson de Charles Aznavour - Charles Aznavour Emmenez Moi 1:45:15

Charles Aznavour.jpg